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Monitoring the process

FILLCONTROL Monitor is the basis for all PRIAMUS systems.
Because every process must first of all be monitored to make sure that definitely no bad part will be shipped to the end customer.









Controlling the process

FILLCONTROL Switch generates real time switching signals.
Fully automatic, depending on the melt front, or conventionally depending on programmed switching levels or events.








Balancing and controlling hotrunners

FILLCONTROL Control H balances multi cavity hotrunner molds and controls the melt flow of large area parts - fully automatic!








Controlling the machine

FILLCONTROL Control M controls the quality of the molded parts by adapting the machine settings cycle by cycle. Because this is the only way to compensate for process variations.









Balancing Valve Gate Nozzles

FILLCONTROL Control V balances and controls the melt flow especially of cold runner molds by automatically delaying the opening of the valve gate nozzles.





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