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Because of material fluctuations and different environmental conditions often bad parts are produced at a constant machine setting.
FILLCONTROL Control P controls the injection molding process fully automatically by adapting the machine parameters permantly. Because only this way it is guaranteed that molds can be transfered from one location to another.
Ultimately the quality parameters such as the compression, the viscosity or the dimension of the molded part are controlled directly. Precondition is the separate measurement of cavity pressure and cavity temperature on the mold.

 Automatic process control (machine control)




 Application  Problem  Example  Solution
 Processing of recycled
 Viscosity variations
 Tractor cover
 Viscosity control
 Precision injection molding
 Dimensional variations

 Blister packaging
 Shrinkage control
 Technical parts
 Insufficient strength

 Gearwheels  Compression control



















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