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FILLCONTROL Control V balances and controls the melt flow especially in cold runner molds by automatically delaying the opening of the valve gate nozzles.
Similar to hot runner multi cavity molds this results in simultaneous filling of all cavities which is especially relevant for silicone and multi components applications. In general it is possible to control each single valve gate nozzle individually, which effectively is applied for family molds for instance. The opening of the nozzles occurs in real time by detecting the melt front in the cavity, which is the reason why no host computer interface is required.

 Valve gate nozzle balancing
 Valve gate nozzle control




 Application  Probem  Example  Solution
 Liquid silicone rubber (LSR)

 Different compression
 Overmolded airbag igniters

 balancing and control
 of valve gate nozzles

 Family molds

 Variable volume
 Food container
 Thermoplastic - LSR

 Unsteady volume (LSR)

 Oxygen masks



















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