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BlueLine Multi Channel Connecting Boxes
Type 1194A-8T
for 8 cavity temperature signals


The thermo voltages of cavity temperature signals and charges of cavity pressure signals measured in the mold are extremely small indicators, which are especially susceptible to disturbances at high mold temperatures.

The quality of measuring signals depends basically on the connection technique and on a secure ground connection to the mold.

For this reason PRIAMUS only uses cable connections with more than one conductor!

The Multi Channel Connecting Boxes guarantee a safe ground connection to the mold and can be mounted on the mold surface as well as integrated into the mold.
Depending on requirements and sensor positions they can be mounted around the mold.

Type 1195A-8p
for 8 cavity pressure signals

. Name File size    
Data sheet type 1194A-8T Multi Channel Connecting Box for Cavity Temperature 917.69 KB
Data sheet type 1195A-8p Multi Channel Connecting Box for Cavity Pressure 870.76 KB