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Order Example1: FILLCONTROL Measure 
Free software module for mold setup and process optimizing

Mobile solution
Minimal complexity
Minimal costs


  • Sampling of an 8-cavity mold with separate cooling circuits
  • 8 cavity temperature sensors for the optimization of the cooling and for the verification of flow path differences
  • 1 cavity pressure sensor for the optimization of the compression
 Item  Quantity
1 1  7080A Measure  Software module for easy data acquisition and process documentation with
 BlueLine amplifiers
2 1  5080A-16T  BlueLine multi-channel amplifier for 16 temperature channels
3 1  5080A-4p  BlueLine multi-channel amplifier for 4 pressure channels
4 1  1281A5  Ethernet adapter cable, Hybrid Bus connector - Ethernet connector and
 connector for BlueLine power supply type
9016A, l = 5 m
5 1  9016A  BlueLine power supply for the supply of BlueLine amplifiers type 5080A and
 Core type
6 1  9015A  Proximity switch for BlueLine devices for easy start of a measurement
7 8  4004C0.4-101  Miniature cavity temperature sensor with Fischer connector KBE 101 fem.
8 1  1194A-8T  BlueLine multi channel connecting box for maximum 8 temperature signals
9 1  1144A5  Multi pin connecting cable (temperature), 8 channels, l = 5 m
10 1  6001B0.4-102  PRIASED®cavity pressure sensor with sensitivity detection
  1  1041A5  Connecting cable for cavity pressure sensors with and without sensitivity
, l = 5 m
12 1  6561A  Mounting / extraction tool for cavity pressure sensors
13 1  6562B  Mounting tool for mounting nuts
14 1  4561B  Mounting / extraction tool for cavity temperature sensors
15 1  9080A  Top Hat Rail Set for the mounting of BlueLine pressure and temperature
 amplifiers type 5080A