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Order Example 3: FILLCONTROL Switch

Automatic valve gate control

Sequential molding applications
Melt flow control:
Automatic vebting, core pull control,
gas assist control, family molds

  • Valve gate switch control of a 2-cavity sequntial mold with 2 x 4 valve gates
  • 8 cavity temperature sensors (4 sensors per cavity)
    3 sensors per cavity for the automatic opening of the valve gates
    1 sensor per cavity for the automatic switchover to holding pressure
  • 2 cavity pressure sensors (1 sensor per cavity) for the monitoring of the viscosity
 Item  Quantity
 7080A Monitor
 Software module for mointoring and control of the injection
 molding process
 7080A Monitor Pack
 2 1
 8280C  BlueLine Core incl. Touch Screen Display and Harddisk
3 1  7080A Switch  Software module for the control of the injection molding process, for the
 individual monitoring of every single cavity as well as for special switching and
 monitoring methods such as rotary table and multi component applications
4 1  9021A  Mounting device for BlueLine Core type 8280C  
5 1  5080A-16T  BlueLine multi-channel amplifier for 16 temperature channels
6 1  5080A-4p  BlueLine multi-channel amplifier for 4 pressure channels
7 2  1041A2  Connecting cable for cavity pressure sensors with and without sensitivity
 detection, l = 2 m
8 1  8980C  BlueLine I/O Master, Interface for easy connecting of digital alarm and switching
 signals to the machine respectively to the peripherals
9 3  1282A2  Installation kit incl. control cabinet feed through type 1282A and BlueLine Hybrid
 Bus cable 1280A2
10 2  1280A10  BlueLine Hybrid Bus connecting cable, l = 10 m
11 8  4004C0.2-101  Miniature cavity temperature sensors
12 1  1194A-8T  BlueLine multi channel connecting box for maximum 8 temperature signals
13 1  1144A2  Multi pin connecting cable (temperature), 8 channels, l = 2 m
14 1  4561B  Mounting / extraction tool for temperature sensors
15 2  6001B0.4-102  PRIASED®cavity pressure sensor with sensitivity detection
16 1  1280A1  BlueLine Hybrid Bus connecting cable, l = 1 m
17 1  6561A  Mounting / extraction tool for cavity pressure sensors
18 1  6562B  Mounting tool for mounting nuts
19 1  9080A  Top Hat Rail Set for the mounting of BlueLine pressure and temperature
 amplifiers types
20 1  8981A  BlueLine I/O Expander, Add-on interface for the simple interfacing of digital
 alarm and switching signals of the machine and other peripheral devices
21 2  8982A  BlueLine Bus Interface (IF), Interface for the connection of several BlueLine I/O
 groups of modules