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BlueLine Hardware

Fully digital

BlueLine is a modular hardware concept which can be arranged according to needs and application.

Digital 4-channel and 16-channel amplifiers for pressure and temperature are assembled and combined in any order of place somewhere near the mold. With only one single Hybrid Bus cable they are connected to the actual control and monitoring unit - the BlueLine Core.

The advantages are obvious:

  • very simple handling
  • minimum interference
  • no need for complex and expensive analog connecting cables
  • minimum costs independent from the number of channels

Perfect communication

Every monitoring, switch control and control of a process are only as effective as the options which are provided by the interface.

BlueLine features a thorough but straightforward interface concept which can be used for any injection molding machine or its peripherals such as a robot.

The most common signals for part separation and for switchover are interfaced via I/O Master module. Additional switching signals can be added in any number via a I/O Expander module.

This way, for example, individual bad parts of a 32 cavity or 64 cavity mold can be separated.