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PRIAMUS - The License to Fill

Injection Molding is our Passion!

Since many years we develop systems for the quality assurance in injection molding.
Out of the many ideas evolved a product range which is worth to take a look at.

This starts from cavity pressure and cavity temperature sensors on to digital electronics on the latest state of the art up to entire process monitoring, real-time and online control systems.

And it is no coincidence that the term "Cavity Temperature" for instance was created by PRIAMUS many years ago.

This could only be realized with a team of specialist who all together performed their task with passion.

However, in the end it is only about one thing:
To find solutions for the many problems which still exist in the global injection molding world.

It is therefore not a question to sell as many sensors as possible.
It is also not a question to tell colorful stories.

But it is solely about optimizing processes together with our customers in order to achieve a maximized financial  benefit with the right technical solution.

We are looking forward to meeting you in person!