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In many cases so called packaging goods are regarded as cheap articles. A closer look however shows that especially in this area often the highest requirements must be met.

Some examples are:

a) Food containers (with and without barrier layer)
b) Preforms (with and without barrier layer)
c) Closures
d) Blister Packages
e) Cups

The objective at injection molding processes with one or several barrier layers is to detect and eventually control these layers at a certain position. An uncontrolled barrier layer may possibly lead to the point that the barrier function is not ensured or that too much of the expensive barrier material will be used.

Especially with very fast cycles the crucial factor is the optimizing of the cycle time. Since this almost invariably involves molds with a high number of cavities the balancing of the fill process plays an essential function. Because only a balanced filling process can also be optimized with respect to cycle time.

Blister packages are often automatically covered with a foil. This process however can only be automated if the thickness of the blister packages does not vary from one side to the other. Also this parameter can be adjusted by controlling the filling process.