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PRIAMUS turns 20 years old – a story of enthusiasm and passion!

Time does not stand still and much has changed over the years. We have survived financial crises, helped shape genuine technical innovations and convinced many sceptics of our ideas.

However, current events with regard to the corona virus show us that we must always expect changes and that nothing really remains as it was.

We like to look back on the good days and memories. But we are also aware that you can only really develop further with challenges. Current topics such as the change in environmental and climate policy, through to more environmentally friendly handling of raw materials, will occupy us all in the future. In injection molding in particular, we expect the increased use of biopolymers and recyclates to place completely new demands on process control, which cannot be solved without new control concepts.

So it remains exciting. We are convinced that this time, too, with the right attitude, a flexible spirit and a lot of commitment, will bring us another step forward.

We look forward to sharing our passion with you in the future.

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